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Hydrogen in industry

  • The use of hydrogen can have an impact in many areas, from infrastructure to smart cities, through production processes.
  • The use of hydrogen on a large scale presents challenges and opportunities for the development of technologies that allow application in different sectors and along the entire value chain.
  • In an environment that is increasingly aware of climate change and the will to reach climate neutrality, the use of hydrogen can create new business models derived from its possible applications in different fields such as industrial and home heat, mobility , etc.
  • Green hydrogen will help the decarbonisation of the economy, both in its applications as an energy vector and as a raw material in industries such as chemistry.
  • The development of hydrogen technologies covers other areas such as the design of materials, the search for systems and methods of transport and storage, adaptations of products and processes and safety elements.



Business opportunity

Decarbonization of the economy

Convergence with other technologies