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Hydrogen Andorra’s mission is to

  • Enable the adoption of clean hydrogen as an abundant and reliable energy carrier and feedstock which efficiently fuels Andorra’s net-zero economy;
  • Bring together diverse industry players, large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations, regional public authorities and other relevant organizations which support the delivery of clean hydrogen and fuel cells technologies in line with the vision and mission of Hydrogen Andorra;
  • Promote national, European and international policies and initiatives that strengthen the full development of Andorra and global hydrogen technologies and clean hydrogen markets;
  • Promote and coordinate research, development and innovation of clean hydrogen technologies;
  • Be the sole and united voice of the Andorran hydrogen industry through the joint efforts of its Members at European level;
  • Be the pole of attraction of international people and entities interested in the hydrogen future for Andorra;
  • Be the driving force for the future direction of the hydrogen sector.