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The EU hydrogen strategy

The Strategy, approved in 2020, gives a boost to the production of green hydrogen in Europe and makes it a priority to drive economic growth.

Today – 2024

Install 6 GW of electrolysers in the EU, with the aim of reaching 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen.

2025 – 2030

Generation of 40 GW and a production of 10 million tons of green hydrogen.

2030 – …

Large-scale deployment of green hydrogen.

The Strategy is complemented by REPowerEU, the European plan to deal with disruptions in the energy market caused by the war in Ukraine:

  • €200 million earmarked for green hydrogen research within the framework of the Horizon.
  • 10 MT of green hydrogen imports by 2030.
  • Push for green hydrogen production through rapid adoption in IPCEI before summer 2022.
  • Driving the regulatory framework for green hydrogen.

European Alliance for Hydrogen

Launched in parallel with the Strategy, the Alliance aims to create an investment agenda and support the value chain of the hydrogen industry.


500 companies 2020

2,000 companies 2050

6 GW of green hydrogen 2024

40 GW (upper) + 40 GW (upper) 2030

5,000-9,000 M€ in investment 2024

26,000-44,000 M€ in investment 2030

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