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Global initiatives in hydrogen

  • It is estimated that by 2030, more than $340 billion will be mobilized in announced projects, investments needed to meet government production targets and spending forecasts across the value chain.
  • Since the sector is at an early stage, 75% of these investments ($262 billion) correspond to projects that have been announced but do not yet have funding commitments.
  • 25% ($83 billion) are investments considered mature; more than half ($45 billion) are in the planning phase, while the remainder ($38 billion) are committed and/or operational projects.

Announced Investments by Maturity Status* ($Billions)

*Announced: in preliminary study phase.
Planned: in the feasibility study phase or front-end engineering and design.
Carried out (made): projects in development, in commissioning and in the operational phase.
  • Most of the investments are expected in Europe (around 45%) followed by Asia, where China leads with almost half of the investments.
  • By value chain, hydrogen production represents the majority of investments, while those in end applications have a greater share in mature projects due to financing in fuel cells and automobile platforms.